Michiyo Miyake: Japanese translator and writer based in Sydney and Tokyo. She studied Modernist British/American literature and holds a PhD from Waseda University in Tokyo. As a translator, she has worked on various art projects by Eric Baudelaire, Cerith Wyn Evans, Marco Mazzi and Haji Oh. She also translates essays and novels for Japanese audiences. Her recent publications include a translation of the Harlem Renaissance writer Carl Van Vechten’s novel Nigger Heaven.

Nicholas Marshall: Editor and translator based in Sydney. He has a PhD in applied linguistics and was a professor of English for Academic Purposes in the postgraduate school of Meiji University in Tokyo. He taught academic English at Tsuda College and Waseda University in Japan, and Macquarie University in Sydney.


ニコラス・マーシャル:編集者、翻訳者。オーストラリア・シドニー在住。元明治大学大学院教授。応用言語学の博士号をもち、明治大学大学院にて、高等教育機関での研究に必要とされる英語能力(English for Academic Purposes)の指導を担当。津田塾大学や早稲田大学、シドニー・マッコーリー大学でアカデミック英語を教えた経験をもつ。